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  • Musings of a MasterNi

    Musings of a MasterNi
    An Article in Newspaper

    I came across an article in the newspaper, how a particular school has taken a threat for about more than 5 months, about the child who says, please cancel the exams or be ready for the dire consequences. The email had the morphed images of the girls and it says if you don’t cancel the exams be ready for […]

    Super Competitive Parents

    Examinations activate a certain population of our school. There are a bunch of parents who feel their children need to excel at everything. They constantly compare their child with others be it in terms of marks, sports, or any other activity. They want to make sure that their child is acing at everything. They are […]

    Sibling Bond

      Recently we have been into Diwali and break and the pandemic and all of that has put so many things of our lives in perspective, things that we took for granted have suddenly come to the forefront.   One of the major things was the relationship that my children have with each other. Since they […]