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  • Retained Earnings: The Startup Growth Hack

    Content What Is the Difference Between Retained Earnings and Revenue? What Are Retained Earnings? What to Know About Restricted Stock Units Can retained earnings be negative? It may be time to examine your entire budget and identify areas to slow down or stop spending. 15 years for legal experience; expertise in contracts, healthcare, ERISA, physicians, […]

    What is Bookkeeping & why it is important? Methods of Bookkeeping

    Content The difference between bookkeeping and accounting Objectives of Bookkeeping The journal What’s the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting? However, as technology and industries have evolved, they’re now created with specialised software that can be automated and tailored to your business to meet specific requirements. Balance sheets and income statements are invaluable tools to gauge… […]

    Let them Think

    The child moved from a cursory sense that he likes Cyrano to a more nuanced understanding of why, which will aid him in classroom discussion and in writing that essay he has to write…

    Parent-led sessions

    GGIS is blessed with a vibrant parent community, with members from a myriad of backgrounds, and every so often, we invite certain parents to lead sessions for and mentor our students with a diverse range of topics.

    Parent engagement programs

    At the beginning of every new academic year, new nursery batches fill up the campus- but it can be a challenge for parents and children alike, to adjust to a totally new environment and culture. In order to make this transition as simple as possible, GGIS conducts something known as a “Parent Engagement Program”, where […]

    Parent workshops

    Every month, our team comes together to host various workshops for our ever-growing parent community. These workshops, ranging from topics such as “Leader in Me”, Compassionate…