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    An Article in Newspaper

    I came across an article in the newspaper, how a particular school has taken a threat for about more than 5 months, about the child who says, please cancel the exams or be ready for the dire consequences. The email had the morphed images of the girls and it says if you don’t cancel the exams be ready for the trouble. In spite of the cybercrime department working on it, the perpetrator is still not caught.
    What is going on here, analyzing this through different angles I wonder what is at stake here? In the 1st instance, it seems it is a criminal who is trying to stalk these innocent girls,  but on deeper introspection, I also see a  teenager who is so isolated that he or she doesn’t know where to go.
    The article talks about the facts that have come out but there is much more lying under that. It talks about masculine gender, but what if the perpetrator is a girl. Another thing is to imagine the amount of pressure of examinations on a child that some teenager wants to commit a crime just to cancel the exams.
    It could also be just a prank, but why is there a need to go to such an extent to seek attention.
    What we should not overlook here is the intelligence of the child who has tried to pull this off.
    This article definitely tells us how we as a society need to adopt different lenses to see the world, especially children and the education system. We as educators and parents can not monitor each and everything children do, but what we can focus on is building bridges and being there for them whenever they need us.
    Do let me know your thoughts on this.

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