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    Stockpile of degrees at Home

    We recently began with our admission procedure and we had hundreds of parents who had applied for admission. Complying with the procedure I had to meet all these parents for a basic understanding of their background. I was surprised to see that 80% of the mothers talked highly about their education and the degrees they hold but then coyly they add that currently, they are a homemaker. Degrees like MBA, law, B.ed, Mass communications, M.com are lying at home. Well, this is one side of the story.

    The other side is as we begin with the new academic session we had to undergo a recruitment procedure for hiring the new teachers. We couldn’t find the kind of workforce that we wanted. We literally had to browse through the profile of our parent community to find the perfect fit, and we had mothers who could be perfectly eligible to join GGIS. But unfortunately, the response we got was negative, because they had to look after the child and the family. All legitimate reasons.

    This makes me think that we have a stockpile of degree-holding people who are not adding as much value to society as they can and on the other hand, we have a dearth of the right candidates for the job.

    Our school is just a microcosm, there would be many other institutes across the world that are facing such issues.

    No offense to the choice that the mothers have made, but how can we go about it? How can we as a society try to bridge the gap?

    How can we see a teaching revolution happen with the degrees lying at home?

    What are your thoughts on this, feel free to share it with us.

    Musings of a MasterNi.

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