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    Super Competitive Parents

    Examinations activate a certain population of our school. There are a bunch of parents who feel their children need to excel at everything. They constantly compare their child with others be it in terms of marks, sports, or any other activity. They want to make sure that their child is acing at everything. They are like those drivers on-road who want to overtake any and everyone on the road irrespective there is urgency or not. Some parents also feel let down if the child doesn’t perform as per their expectations.

    These competitive parents sometimes lay so much pressure on the children that their children tend to buckle under.

    Sometimes we as a school have to step up and say let the child be.

    Also if a child shows a slight interest in something other than academics, parents will inundate them with the information related to that particular thing. We need to understand not every time the child has a deep interest in everything, sometimes they just want to dabble in different things.

    Sadly, we as parents lay our identity on the little ones.

    That’s me MasterNi talking about the super competitive parents.

    Do you have such parents around you? We would love to hear about your experience with them.

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