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    The Importance of Maids and Domestic help

    Today I am going to talk about maids, one of the most discussed topics in all the kitty parties and among women.

    Recently we had a teacher who resigned because of some family problem and then after a week she came to me and told me that she is not quitting and will be able to continue working with us. I was happy as she was a valued teacher and we never wanted her to quit. Talking in-depth with her she said her old maid is back who used to take care of her child, in fact, she was the reason why the teacher decided to quit. So technically the maid saved her career. That reminded me of the power of MAIDS…

    Especially in a country like India where we are so dependent on so many people for various things, Maid has literally wheeled this power over all of us. Males in our family were totally unaware of it till the time the pandemic hit. When the house help stopped coming, that is when the whole family realized how much of a help the house help actually is. They are just not the house help at times they are the life help for a lot of people. Finding good house help seems to be the greatest cry over Whatsapp groups. 

    Why is it so and why do we as a country with so much population find it difficult to find a good house help remains a query. 

    We, women, are so dependent on them for various things that for us to reach on time somewhere or take care of kids or elderly people in the house we need their help.

    But what do we give them?

    Not financially but what is it that we bring to their life?

    But do maids only work with us for salaries? In Fact when they work just for salary what is the work that comes around.

    How do we ensure that they also get a better life, which is something beyond the salary? Beyond the salary doesn’t mean just a pack of sweets or giving them good clothes, how about Respect and Dignity?

    Do our children see maids as humans or just as robots who do their daily monotonous work? What are we teaching our children? They might not have house help available as they grow up.

    What has been your experience of having house help and maids? Do they play a pivotal role in shaping your career and what have you done for them?

    I would love to hear great stories about how all of us depend on each other.

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