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    Indians – Are we Rude or Not?

    When you stepped out, did the waiter in the restaurant welcome you with a smiling face? Did the auto driver drive you well?

    Did the grocery person serve you well? 

    How has been your experience of the general civic sense that we Indians hold?

    My experience has been of sheer incivility. Not just one time, this is the general experience. We are known for jumping ques for not saying thank you and not saying sorry.

    I fail to understand how you can be a shopkeeper and not look the customer in the eye and say thank you, how can you not be thankful to the person who has chosen to do any kind of a transaction with you. 

    It amazes me!

    What amazes, even more, is the paradoxical side of us. Every time we are in trouble there would be a swarm of people surrounding us, some of them are just onlookers but there are genuine people who are there out of the concern and have intentions to help you.

    Thankfully our civility is alive there. This makes me wonder that we Indians who are generally rude but when it comes to pitiable situations suddenly our heart swells and we become magnanimous people and go out of our ways to help people in trouble.

    Do we need victimhood to inspire humanity in us?

    I don’t understand why we wait for someone to be in pain before we can become Samaritans.

     Is it the powerplay or just too many people in smaller spaces leads to this?

    What is your take on this paradoxical approach of we Indians? This is my view, I would love to hear your unique experiences.

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