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    MasterNi’s take on Indian Edtech – Staying Relevant with the MasterNi

    In this episode, I am going to talk about the series of articles I read about Education and Online Learning.

    Last year India received 2.2 billion in funding for Edtech start-ups.

    It is huge, where that money went is even more interesting. The majority of the money has gone into test preparation apps that help you crack entrance exams. It seems parents are far more obsessed with having their children clear certain exams than anything else.

    The second part was the learning apps like Byjus and Vedantu.  And the third part was on continuous learning, which is what I would like to talk about. This segment is growing enormously. It was amusing to see a lot of new apps for adult education come into existence and the continuous requirement of self-up-gradation came to the forefront.

    That made me connect to what we are doing as a school to educate and relearn as a team.

    In last, one-year we have clocked in more than 100 webinars as a team, each one of us has taken up something or the other, have continuously tried to hone our skills, sharpened our saw, and are more prepared to have kids on campus.

    While the team was taking up various things how can I be left behind? I took up Gardening something that I would have never thought of taking up had it not been for Online Learning.

    The new trend has made me think of some eccentric ideas on how the Education system can flow.

    Can we have a system where kids are not forced to choose one single board, but can take different subjects from different boards, like MAth from CBSE and English from Cambridge. Entry and exit at any point in time. In between breaks to learn skills on the job and much more.

    Yes, all this seems bizarre right now, but before a year who would have imagined a whole academic year passing by with Online classes, but it did with triumph.

    This was my take on how the Edtech sector will impact us as educators, parents, and students of life.

    What do you think of this and other trends of the future, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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