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  • Musings of a MasterNi


    Today is the traditional day in my school, look I am all decked up! When is Diwali? I want to light diyas and have a lot of sweets! Hello, So just last week we had our open house… and after a long long time the school had lit up with lights and people and music […]

    Becoming a Teacher

    I am very happy today because I met a candidate who wants to bring change. Who is in this for the right reasons? Whose first happiness is seeing a change in kids and bringing in better education? What kind of teacher are you? What makes you move? The resist all change teachers Negative. Unhappy with […]

    Problems of Privilege

    Mumma, the driver is not here, how do I come home? Ye kya hai? the internet is so slow. My Netflix is also not working. Hello… Have you found your child to be way too straightforward in plain Hindi too seedha for the world around him? Do you wonder how will she manage when she […]

    Parent WhatsApp Groups

    There are many types of groups from good morning ones to the ones selling us stuff we don’t need, to the entire company and govt departments communicating through WhatsApp. Whatsapp has become a ubiquitous channel for communication. And in that ocean of groups, there is a parent WhatsApp group where parents of a class usually […]

    When Kids Keep Changing Activities

    Mom, I don’t want to play cricket anymore. I want to join football now. What do you mean you don’t like robotics now? Do you know how much these lego kits and classes cost? Hello…. Has your child ever quit an activity? An activity that he was extremely fond of and you went out of […]