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    Professional Development for our teachers


    GGIS believes in continuous development of students and teachers. As faculty members we are constantly learning how to make our classrooms better. And in the last two months we attended two different workshops and both were extremely useful.
    The first one, Nonviolent Communication was conducted by Uma Oza on our campus and all of us were ​bowled over by how our feelings and needs direct the behaviour in our classroom. We are now more mindful of ​how we deal with them and how we react to certain situations.
    Another such opportunity was Skillfest 2016. Here we got a chance to attend some amazing workshops and we learned an immense amount of things. The workshops were extremely varied and all of us selected the ones we were most interested in. Workshops like Pedagogies in Early Childhood, Kinesthetic Learners, Sports Beyond Competition, Whole Brain Theory Music, Curricular Innovation and many more provided a great avenue for us to step back and re-look at our existing practice.
    We are sure that exercises like these will help us keep ourselves abreast of the latest in education and in turn our students will receive a better education.

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