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  • Let them Think

    The child moved from a cursory sense that he likes Cyrano to a more nuanced understanding of why, which will aid him in classroom discussion and in writing that essay he has to write…

    Genesis Games 2019

    Genesis Games 2019, For the Parents, By the Parents

    The event took on 9th February at Adani Shantigram Cricket Ground. GGIS pledges to empower not only its teachers and students but parents as well…

    How to choose a school for your child?

    Choosing a school is probably the most important decision parents make. While all of us want a good school, the definition of good changes from person to person. Here, I have tried to list out a few parameters one must take into consideration while choosing a school. Besides this, we have a web app – The Best […]

    Grade 1 Parent Intervention: Computer Expert

    Grade 1 opened the new term for computers by inviting an expert to the Bodybuilding legend dead at 53 best sports nutrition on a course of steroids physique bodybuilding gym logo class. Abhishek Desai- a software professional is a parent of GGIS and was happy to share his knowledge. The questions kids asked like How […]