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  • "I don't like your education."

    “I don’t like your education.” said the mother of Deepti (name changed) of Grade 3. That was the main concern amongst many others including financial conditions, mentioned by her when she handed me the application for Leaving Certificate of Deepti. I probed deeper. I had to. I was troubled with the reason given by the mother […]

    My visit to TGES, Rajkot

    So think of schools in smaller cities of India. Now think of truly international standard schools. Now think of more than 8000 students. Now think of all of them receiving an exceptional education at all price points. Now put it all together and you get The Galaxy Education System (TGES) of Rajkot. Spread over the entire […]

    Professional Development for our teachers

      GGIS believes in continuous development of students and teachers. As faculty members we are constantly learning how to make our classrooms better. And in the last two months we attended two different workshops and both were extremely useful. The first one, Nonviolent Communication was conducted by Uma Oza on our campus and all of us were […]

    Visiting the American School of Bombay (ASB)

    Every academic year I visit different schools covering a broad spectrum of places. American School of Bombay (ASB), based in Mumbai, was one of my must-visit places for this year and I finally made it there. It was truly a unique experience to be there. A few of the key ideas I noticed there that we practice at […]