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    Why is it important to have student centric approach?

    Imagine if Inhaled Steroids for Asthma: The Effect of Dose is buying steroids online safe england’s nhs can’t afford big pharma: they will only pay for a new hep c treatment if the patient is cured you are told to sit in one corner finish reading a topic and write its notes over and over
    again using the same pattern how would you feel. I am sure most of us feel irritated and our interest in
    the topic goes away. Now for the same topic, if your ideas are asked upon, your understanding is
    questioned in a fun way what would be the result??

    I am sure imagination would grow, thinking beyond the books would happen and the topic would
    be imbibed in your mind in a remarkable way. This we call as a student-centric approach.
    A student-centric approach is the one where the learners are the focus of instructions, keeping in
    mind individual students ability, interest and connection to the subject the methods of teaching are
    adopted by the instructors.

    This approach prepares the students for life as here the students themselves technically select as
    to how they will learn and what would be the pace of learning. This helps them develop a sense of
    thinking and reasoning as to why, how, where and what rather than just mugging up a topic. The
    foundation becomes stronger here and thus helps a student go a long way in their adult life. Allowing
    the learners to choose a method of learning will limit frustration for students and will make them
    feel responsible for own self and other students to make them more independent, again a quality
    which will help them a long way in life.

    Kids adopt things faster when they are playing and having an approach which keeps kid’s mental,
    physical, emotional being in the centre will surely make kids into responsible, happy and satisfied
    adults. We at GGIS make sure we use the student-centric approach of learning and work WITH kids brain
    pattern and not against it making sure all our students grow to be lovers of learning.

    By Deepal Choksi

    Educator @ GGIS

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