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    When parents support us..

    GGIS is not a very fond of ranking students or having them compete against each other. Especially not till Grade 2. Hence, when our students participate or win in public events, it makes us super happy.
    But what made our day was this message from a parent of Grade 2 after our students participated in a Book Review Competition where he spoke eloquently without notes.
    I can literally see this child speaking in his cute accent, fumbling for a few words, but sticking to his own words. I am, however, bowled over by the parent’s appreciation of what is important. Not that he wins, but that he participates and remains original. Not just that, the parent also appreciates the other student who has won.
    On an entirely different note, our school was in the newspapers recently for frivolous reasons. And there were questions amongst parents about what happened. But when the situation was explained to the parents, some highly endearing responses ensued. They once again reiterated that when you work honestly, the world appreciates your efforts.
    We are truly indebted to our parents. It is because of people like them that the world is a better place to live in. And that schools like us exist.

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