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    What will change for students and staff when the schools reopen in India

    Looking at the ongoing situation of covid in India, the thought of schools reopening is so far away that it looked six months ago. It’s been more than a year so hope that it gets better with time. The students are now facing the issue of exam dates getting postponed while they are regularly attending online suggestions provided by their respective school. For a temporary basis this solution was mandatory and I guess proved to be more effective than it’s seen . So what will change for the school staff and the students that unitedly make a school.

    In the school surroundings

    The school management will have to upgrade the cleaning and sanitizing process for the school. Cleaning and sanitizing will play a vital role in the safety of both the students and the staff. Any school without any sanitizing may prove to be fatal and may give rise to the spread of the virus again. This is a time where the school authorities no matter how good their cleaning process is they are keen to make it better. Special care for the students that are more vulnerable to this kind of contraction to the virus. Moreover, in every playground area, computer labs, science labs, classrooms, PT equipment needs to be sanitized regularly to create a safe atmosphere for the students.

    The class partition rule

    So the main question in front of the school authorities will be how many students each class and to be very precise they’ll have to divide the classrooms as per the minimal limit provided by our government. The current classroom scenario and the accommodation of several students in it will be very different than the way it was before because previously schools used to stuff students in a classroom according to the number of sitting benches a class can accommodate. Some of the schools didn’t even worry about the student to teacher ratio we are not saying this is due to you agreed by the school management but the less number of good schools available in your town. Thanks to Covid, next time a student is welcome to the school he may not be in the same class as his best friend or might be very very far away from them. In addition, there will be also a change in the number of runs into different labs and on playgrounds, the school management might have to divide the batches into more than two do for the student’s safety and enjoy the games too.

    The course continues,

    this is the main stone in the roads for the school authorities. Currently, the schools are getting conducted online so what if the government decides to reopen the school by tomorrow then the academic year duration might not be the same as they were before. This will be a bit of a hard choice to make because the time slot for or the academic year is not fixed. The management will have to look out for both the flexibility of the teachers and the student. The students might be not able to catch up with the live sessions again due to a long gap of 1 + years. This will be a great impact on every mind affiliated with the school system.

    The human touch

    this will be the most important aspect that one must consider while reopening schools. The number of activities that go into making an academic your at the school will surely consist of the students, teachers, and parents getting connected and making it successful. Let say the children at the school share their tiffin at every recess at the school and besides how the school will take care of the shareable items such pencil, eraser, water bottles and the things in a science lab, the physical training equipment, and the computer labs equipment will be a big challenge. Another important factor to consider is the eating area in the lunch break and also if there are food vendors available within the school premises what steps are the school going to take to make it safe for students to enjoy the lunch break.

    According to the current norms, covid is here to stay and the school management will have to find its way through this pandemic and cultivate a safe and sound atmosphere for the students and staff. The school management can also include some safety drills to be followed at the school and that too strictly. So these are some big changes that the staff and the student and even parents might get to see and might have to face when the schools will start to reopen anytime soon.

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