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    The Right Start for Your Little Ones

    The most important decision that we make as parents is to give the best to our child. Choosing
    the right space for the finest learning has to be a deliberate and reflective decision. It needs to be so
    thought of because it leaves a long-lasting impression on the child’s mind and they can choose to
    fall in love with their learning journey.

    They’re like Raw Materials…

    These little minds are like the raw materials, they can take any shape you give them! They learn
    most things from observing and imitating the world around them. It depends upon us, as adults
    around them, to make sure we are worth imitating. The way we talk, interact, eat, everything is
    not only being noticed but also registered in their minds.

    No! My teacher told me…

    All the experiences that a child goes through has to be so impactful that the child chooses to
    learn and does not do things because the parent or the teacher is telling to do so. The way space
    teaches things has a lot to do with a child wanting to love the process of learning. Learning cannot
    be forced on a child but the experiences designed should make it the byproduct of play.

    Importance of Play…

    Play is the most important activity that a child engages in. Structured and unstructured play gives
    children the opportunity to acquire multiple skills. Choose a place that gives your child the
    freedom of exploration and focuses more on life skills rather than learning A, B, C’s and how to
    write! That sure will happen, eventually.

    We hope this helps you be more aware of the choices you make for your children and helps with choosing the right start for your child.

    By Pooja Nair

    Centre Head @ Genius Gems

    To know more about her and Genuis Gems, go to:

    Pooja Nair

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