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    Sparkle of TLIM in subjects

    As Educators, every year we come across learners from different cultures. This becomes a challenge sometimes to reach each one of them as their learning patterns are also different from each other. 

    At GGIS, we follow TLIM as a culture in school. Yes, you read it right TLIM as a culture. This is the culture at GGIS in which students follow 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Stephen Covey. As learners have different learning patterns and expectations, they have different leadership roles to exhibit their leadership qualities also. In this process imagine if they communicate in a common language, how effective would be to have a win-win understanding of the big rocks of life. 

    Knowing all this as a passionate educator pulled me to become a part of GGIS. When l observed learners in this culture that eased my work to connect with them. When any discussions, inquiries, tasks, or explanations in the class are discussed with TLIM language, then all the learners are able to comprehend easily. This helps the learners to stay focused on their goals in common and in-person with clear expectations and thinking ahead cognitively. 

    This is the ‘Sparkle of TLIM in subjects’. 

    Considering all the big rocks and consequences, the TLIM  program encourages learners to think ahead with a plan and prepare an effective pathway to achieve it.

    By Amee Bhayani

    Educator @ GGIS

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