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    Small steps leading to a better GGIS

    Not everything is the same since the start because now we’ve got tall buildings, more classrooms, a new look with so much more. GGIS has changed a lot since I’ve been here. It has got a new structure and changed the way we used to live! 

    The new admin building is not complete until we add the stark room (science + computer lab). The new art room is an art itself, for all those book worms. The library is the best.The structure of the railing and the architecture grabs everyone’s attention. Admin building is full of all those blues, reds and greens with avenger themed classroom names. 

    We’ve also got a badminton court on our campus, a decorated atrium, and a basement full of different sports from table tennis to basketball and much more.  No one can forget the new kid’s gym and the adventure park.It is altogether a new campus compared to the day since I have been here.

    They say things change, but in a better way because all of us at GGIS are work-in-progress. The new campus is a new look and a whole new environment to us as students. The greenery around us is fascinating on its own, it is greener , refreshing and healthier. All those plants and trees surround the GGIS campus to develop a healthier environment. 

    The campus is full of classrooms from the ground floor to the first floor. Each classroom has a glass door and an outside board to showcase the grade’s work. There are all different kinds of classrooms on our campus with avenger-themed sections whether it’s the computer lab or any other class. GGIS is also working on new classrooms on the second floor. It is expanding second to second, minute to minute and hour to hour. All these changes result in a better learning environment.

    GGIS has evolved itself in these four years since the day I’ve been here. Each small step is making GGIS bigger and better.


    Mihika Sukhnani

    Grade 8 

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