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    Rising GEMS Parent Child Country Run

    Rising Gems Parent Child Country run was one of a kind event were a Parent and Child bonded in serene fields around GGIS.
    It was an open for all event with more than 150 participants, children & parents from all over Ahmedabad, GGIS students & Parent community and GGIS teachers participated with a smile on their face and lot of passion in heart.
    We also welcomed a 2 year old stroller baby to add more happy moments to our event.
    Our marathon expert Mr. Lihas Trivedi, founder of Ahmedabad Marathon Association lead the 3km run which started from Adani Shantigram SG highway and ended at our campus, the participants experienced a run through green fields, open tracks and village roads.
    As per Mr. Trivedi track running is the healthiest form of exercise and this Parent Child run gave children an early experience of this healthy habit.
    The main aim of GGIS in organising this event was to inculcate a habit of early morning run amongst parents and children. The country run did prove to be an eye opener for parents who often complain that children do not wake up early to exercise.
    We can proudly say GGIS Rising GEMS Parent Child Country Run stayed true to its word about creating a memory that can be cherished forever.

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