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    My GGIS – Physical Transformation

    Evolution is a natural phenomenon. This is the way our school has changed. It has changed its mindset a lot over the years, but we have also changed our campus. I want to show you my progression with this school. I have quite literally seen it grow.

    I joined this school in its earlier stages. When I first came to the school, we barely had 8-10 classrooms. The school started on a really small scale. At first we had about 30-50 students. 

    The classrooms were a soothing beige that calmed me. The tables were painted with a colourful shade and looked attractive. The classrooms were only covered from 2 sides with brick and cement. The other 2 sides were glass, which allowed a lot of sunlight into the rooms and didn’t need us to turn on the artificial light. 

    Now the classrooms are filled with posters and artworks made by our very dear students.Slowly we started hanging things from the ceiling, and decorating the doors with signs and paint. The classrooms now not only were our study space but they were also comfortable for us to be in. 

    The atrium was an empty space for all students to meet. It was used majorly in the breaks and allowed us to go from one place to another faster. Now the atrium is not only a play space but has multiple games and activities painted onto the ground for real life game experiences. 

    The grounds were merely a place to have our sports sessions. The grass is barely grown and bright green. The smell of nature was truly endearing. We all enjoyed going outside in our free time to let go and play

    Now we not only have the grounds, but we have an adventure park on the side. This place has tires, swings and monkey bars for us to play on. Apart from that we also have bricks laid in the ground to define the lines of sports courts such as kabaddi and football. 

    Our school has progressed a lot from what it was before, and it has become better with every step it took. Change works both ways. 



    Rianna Desai

    Grade 8

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