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    MY GGIS – New Age School

    GGIS has changed so much since I first joined the school. There are so many transformations that I won’t be able to name all of them, So I will take you through the far reaches. 

    Let’s go through a ride over the years!

    A few years ago our school only had 1 building in which all the teacher offices, classrooms and spaces for extracurricular activities were. Now we have a full separate teachers building and a whole new floor, which means there is a lot more space for classrooms and extra curricular activities. One thing that I love is we do things differently at GGIS. Rather than calling our sections a, b, etc. we have our sections named as Marvel locations, like Asgard and Wakanda. We also have the Kamar Taj (Library), Banner’s Lab (Art Room), Stark Tower (Computer/Science Lab), etc. For us students, it makes the school feel more relatable, and school days never get boring.

    Other than just the school structure, the variety of activities in school have also expanded. We now have workshops led by doctors, nutritionists, our very own teachers, etc.We are always intrigued by the guest speakers, and if we don’t understand anything after the workshops, our teachers are right there to solve our questions. 

    We also get many fun projects. For example, in English when we had topic writing, our teacher allowed us to write a song related to the topic, and we had a blast!

    Now for the next part of our adventure we are going into…. Sports! Whenever the bell rings, everyone will be in a perfect line and there will be a clean class just to get to sports. A few years back we only had Kabaddi and Football, and now we have Volleyball, Badminton, Kabaddi, Football, and Basketball as well. 

    But what about this year? COVID took a big leap on us all, and we all had to do online school. We were just stuck to the screens, and our talents like dancing, writing, blogging, etc. were getting weaker. But now since school has started, we all remember how fun it used to be and realize how much we miss the feeling of being with our friends and just being ourselves.  Now that the majority of the students are back at school, everyone is starting to feel like themselves again, and it’s awesome. 

    So you see our school has not just changed its looks but has also changed our mindset and how we feel towards the school. 

    Being stuck at home made us embrace that feeling and now all we want to do is go to school!


    Verushka K Shah 

    (Grade 7)

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