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  • MLV 2021

    The GGIS campus was brimming with activity and smiles as October came to an end, and excitement for the MLV 2021 was bubbling up! Students and teachers alike came together to celebrate not only the end of the term, but also to celebrate learning. Looking at the way that GGIS came to life, one would no doubt wonder what it is about the MLV that makes it so special. In its most simple terms, MLV works as an acronym for “Making Learning Visible”, an opportunity for the students to showcase what they have spent the last six months of school working on. Students get the chance to take responsibility for their own education, as they take charge of demonstrating their learnings to the parent group in the given term. Through this responsibility, not only does the student get a better grasp of the academic content, they are also exposed to other important life skills such as co-operation, leadership and proactiveness. Starting around a month before the final days, the MLV process starts with a zero period, where students take a look at the past term and recollect everything that they learnt. This is followed by weeks of brainstorming, hard work and challenges. The diligent work and learning is finally portrayed through mediums such as games, presentations and much more. Coordination and Co-creation are of utmost importance at times like these, as every part of the full schooling systems comes together to help make such a lively event possible, and students of all grades work together with teachers, to highlight their past term in respect to academics. Towards the end of October, the event was officially kicked off, as the students came together to showcase their learnings- ranging from transport systems to germination and plants! The campus came to life under the presence of equally excited students, teachers and parents. A vast variety of knowledge was put on show, ranging from exhibits about Anne Frank to performances about plants to a hands-on experience with road signs. Everything, from the smallest props, to the biggest performances had been planned out and executed by the students- and it is with the help of this, that we come to see them as learners and educators, not just children. The MLV turned into nothing short of a fun fair, with the help of ninth graders- who worked hard to come up with homemade baked goods, and organic body-care products to sell to parents and students- as a part of their pop up bazaar project, and numerous stalls that displayed fun games to play all throughout the day. The past one and a half years have been absolutely unpredictable, and online learning completely changed the trajectory of education in schools, as children remained stuck inside their homes, and the school campus grew dull in the absence of students’ voices. The MLV 2021served as a great reminder of how education, even after an unforeseeable 20 months, can be turned into something collaborative and enjoyable.

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