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    Maybe new isn’t always better

    The long wait has finally ended. The day that we all look forward to is here. School is starting! Everyone is gleaming with joy with the idea of coming back on campus. This is a day awaited by almost all children across the country. A year ago coming back on campus would’ve been a dreaded moment by all. The way that the pandemic did a full turn on our outlook is truly amusing. When asked what the students enjoyed most about school, the most common reply was lunch breaks. Can we really blame them? “The breaks where you can talk to your friends and enjoy the time are really the best times” says Ryan from grade 6. Talking to your friends about various topics can enhance not only your mind but improve your intellect. “School offline is always better, one on one time with the teacher helps with concept practice and improves the quality of learning. When you can see the teacher it is much easier to comprehend and take in the knowledge” states Anaya from 6th grade. This is also because we are able to do activities and have more interactive classes. According to Saanvi, it was relieving and happy. It was nice to meet friends she had online,and wonderful to witness the way the school works and the systems that we follow. Offline school is also a lot more engaging in terms of students enjoying the various activities provided by our school. Sports is an example of something that none of us enjoyed online. On the campus the classes are the ones looked forward to. The experience of coming to school is a new one for everyone. Some students had never 8 visited the school as they were new admission. This was a different type of learning which they had not seen before. The school is a safe haven for all students and almost all can reminisce about this in their later years. Lets enjoy the old type of learning, maybe new isn’t always better. By, Rianna Desai  Grade

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