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    Learning on Wheels 2.0

    BeAT, an initiative by GGIS, announces ‘learning on wheels’, an exciting event for everyone, who’s a teacher at heart and learner by passion, on the 4th of September, 2016! A group of 20 children from Gulbai Tekra community along with team BeAT will embark on a learning tour around the city. The purpose is to extend their learning beyond school, move around in the city and learn what is best learned by observation and sheer experience of being on the road or at a historically significant location.  
    We are looking for young (at heart) enthusiasts to join us on this journey and lead a learning session (lasting 30 to 40 min) with the children on board. The sessions can be taken either on the bus while we are on the road or at one of the locations on the map. The key is to think about learning activities that can make best use of three simple facts:

    1. that we are on a bus or at a historically significant location  
    2. that we are moving around the city
    3. and that we want to learn all that we can while we are out in the city

    …and ‘Learning On Wheels’ is back!
    BeAT, an initiative to celebrate the spirit of teaching, is back with phase 2.0 of ‘Learning On Wheels’, this time on the 4th of September, 2016.
    Learning on Wheels
    Some examples that BeAT suggests are:

    1. Phonics/words/language from hoardings
    2. Signs and systems on the road
    3. Logos and symbols of vehicles and everything else you can think of
    4. Traffic sense
    5. Directions
    6. Simple counting and color recognition exercises
    7. Art/craft (only on locations, not on bus)
    8. How to behave in public places/tourists places
    9. Cleanliness in public spaces
    10. Photography (only on locations)
    11. Storytelling (connected with traveling or history about the location)

    These are only a few examples to get you started. We’re sure you’d have many more suggestions and we would love to hear from you.
    Some VERY IMPORTANT things to remember:
    These are 10-12 year old children from a working slum community. They speak both Hindi and Gujarati. They have had their own set of experiences and hence are in no way ‘uneducated’. They appreciate and reciprocate to love and respect.
    We would humbly request and appreciate, and so would they, if you offer your time and knowledge rather than anything material to them.
    Facilitators, who choose to join us, will be awarded with a certificate of appreciation by GGIS. We would recommend staying on the tour even after your session, till the last stop, where we would have a closing activity and celebration with the children and facilitators. But if you really have to leave after your session, you may certainly do.  
    Timings of the journey, the route that the bus will be taking and a map of the same are attached. Please find a convenient start point and time and register with us at the earliest. We will not be able to accommodate more than 6 facilitators. So if this interests you, hurry!
    To register, call us on: 8128128223
    Learning on Wheels

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