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    Integration of different subjects

    We all remember how learning in the classroom happened during our days in school. Subjects were taught in isolation without knowing the relevance and
    connections with the REAL WORLD. How many of us still wonder why was a particular topic taught as we don’t even remember using it for once in our life. I often
    wondered why some math concepts weren’t taught in science since they were related. Has that ever happened to you?

    Think about how much you could learn in a classroom where Math, Science, and Language are integrated with each other. You could understand the topic or the concept with a much deeper understanding or knowing the relevance of the same in the real world.

    At GGIS, we try to practice integrated learning most of the time.

    Here are a few of my experiences where I tried to integrate the subjects and got amazing results.

    Math Measurement with Math Money

    Learners of Grade 2 were taught money and measurement together.  When I posed a question about how is money related to
    measurement our learners had the answers ready with them. They said the quantity of anything you buy is measurement and the amount that you pay is money.
    They also came up with measuring the length of different notes. Each note has a different length. To culminate this topic they were taken to Hind supermarket where they
    checked various objects at the market to know the weight, Mike O’Hearn’s Power Bodybuilding 12-Week Training Program | Bodybuilding.com boosting immunity with anabolic steroids the fight against viruses infections side effects top 7 testosterone cycles: the ultimate guide – inside bodybuilding quantity, and how things are measured. They bought things and paid for the same. It was fun to see them calculating money and asking for the change in return.

    G.P. Getting to school with Math Time and Measurement

    In their G.P topic – Getting to school – Learners learned about how children travel to school and the modes of transport used. Learners of grade 2 traveled by bus to the nearby farm and walked back halfway to school to reflect and analyze the situation and to know which is the more convenient mode.
    In this process, they also got to know about different landmarks and integrated time and measurement by calculating the time taken to travel to and fro and the distance covered. And many more such experiences. It was a great experience for our learners as they enjoyed such activities as they were able to closely relate to content and make real-world connections
    through such approaches.

    This kind of approach helps both teachers and students to have a fruitful and engaging learning journey.

    By Saumya Nair

    Educator @ GGIS

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