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    Storytelling is a creative form of expression where the imagination is presented
    through words. Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic, teach
    us values, and trigger creativity. Storytelling is a unique way for young readers to
    develop an understanding, respect, and appreciation for other cultures.

    It is one of the first forms of art, communication, education, and bonding. Storytelling
    also helps children to understand their own feelings better and those of others. How
    often do you sit down with your child and narrate stories? If no, or rarely, then you
    are missing out on a crucial aspect of their growing up, as stories influence their
    thought process and development.

    There are many benefits of storytelling for preschoolers. Telling stories with or
    without books helps to enhance 4 major areas: well being, identity & belonging,
    communication, and thinking. It develops problem-solving skills as well. As they
    listen to different stories their curiosity is piqued which encourages them to dig
    deeper, question, and come up with amazing answers. While you are narrating
    stories, encourage them to ask questions, study the characters, setting, problem,
    and find the solution.

    Storytelling expands their knowledge, helps to share thoughts, and triggers their
    creative instincts which will help the children to create their own stories. The use of
    props, voice modulation, music, and many other manipulatives will keep the children
    engaged throughout the session.

    Remember, it is not necessary to have a storybook to narrate the story, it can be
    anything and in any form. You can share your life incident, dance, sing, or just create
    a fictional character and tell a story. Stories help in improving the learning process,
    develop emotional intelligence, teach empathy, sharpens memory, and improves
    concentration. Young minds are curious and hence to keep the curiosity ignited tell
    more and more stories.

    By Minal Dave

    Educator @  GGIS

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