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    Circle time at GGIS is the most joyful moment for every kid. Kids love playing any game during circle time. They excitedly jump, run, stretch, twirl, sway, laugh, giggle, etc. And it also enhances many skill development of the child. They incorporate to share, care, solve problems, think critically, be confident, communicate, etc.

    Planning various games becomes a task, as the kids want an up to the minute game every time they play. So it was a challenge for me to find new games for my kids. If any game is repeated the kids would scream and say NO! Until I found “Balance the Baby’ collaboration game, the kids had to balance the water balloon vigilantly without dropping it down. Very watchfully each kid passed on the water balloon to their peers. It was amazing to see the kids handling the fragile balloon with lots of care and concern.

    One of my students being attention-seeker would purposely try to drop water balloon the other kids would scream out loud to save the water balloon from popping and alert their friends to be watchful by saying “TEAMWORK! TEAMWORK! TEAMWORK!”. It was humorous to watch the kids speak in such a way considering the water balloon as a real baby. Each one would try to cuddle or sing a lullaby to the water balloon as they passed it to each other. Now my kids want this game to be played AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    In all, I can conclude that CIRCLE TIME is the most essential part of a kid’s life, where they learn to express themselves, comprehend, be confident, work as a team, etc. It’s worth planning numerous circle time games for the kids to explore themselves and learn.

    By Regina Naidu

    Grade 1 Hrt

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