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    How to choose the best school in Ahmedabad for your child?

    Since the school terms are about to start and while parents over the city are worried about taking the decision about which school should your child go to, here we have listed out some important factors to consider while school hunting for your child.

    The location factor

    Where is the school located? This is the first question that arises in the mind whenever any name comes up. So look out for the schools that are in the prime location of the city. Just as the places where there is no disturbance of the large number of traffic jams Ahmedabad is famous for. A school that is located in the area near to your place so that the child doesn’t have to spend most of his time in transportation. While selecting the school look out for the schools that are available in the best part of the city as well as it is transport friendly. You don’t want your child to wear out in going and coming back from school.

    Their adaptive curriculum

    CBSE schools are known all over the world for their advanced syllabus. The topics they mainly cover and how a student benefits from the same. It is one of the most important things to consider, whether the syllabus suits their child or not. Mainly we never know what interest the child may develop into while going forward so keeping an eye on the offered curriculum will prove to be worthy.

    Also look out how much importance is given to the sports and arts part. The main reason is that it is very important to look out which sports are promoted at the school and does the school have the mandatory playground as well as the amenities for the same. Every parent wants both mental as well as physical growth of their child.

    Knowing the Faculty members

    Once you have decided on the school, we advise you to invest some time in knowing the faculty too. At a place such as Ahmedabad you will find someone in your contact or a friend that can assure you about the faculty teaching there. We want you to consider and meet up with the faculty at the school to get a better understanding of what influence your child is getting into. A word of mouth goes a long way, lookout in your weekly newspapers as well as ask if any of your friends or relatives have their child going to the same school. Get connected to get a clear understanding of all your questions.

    Adapted Teaching Method

    Consider knowing about the teaching methods of the school. With the on going trends request them to understand whether they focus on skill based or topic based understanding. It is important to know as students get a clear idea on various topics with the teaching method of the school. CBSE schools in Ahmedabad have upgraded for better learning via making students understand a topic with practical knowledge too. This factor improves the learning experience of the child making his foundation for the subjects stronger.

    Student to Teacher Ratio

    Parents must consider what amount of students are generally taken care of by a single teacher. A favourable ratio is 35 students per teacher, this is to justify the time and attention a teacher will have towards a single student.

    Though CBSE schools strictly follow these rules, Ahmedabad is a city with a large number of students and every parent wants their child to study at the best school of the town.

    Hygiene and Student Care

    There is a minimum chance that any CBSE school lacks in taking care of the atmosphere their students are studying in. But with on-going Covid situation, a parent is worried about the sanitisation and hygiene of the schools, so they can have a check over what safety procedure the school follows. Whether there are regular drills that teach students on taking care during any emergency. This is a factor that is to be taken very seriously these days.

    Their academic achievements

    An important thing to consider here is to look out for previous achievements the school possesses in terms of academic and other activities too. This will give you a clear idea where the school stands among its competitors. There is always a race among the CBSE schools available in Ahmedabad to be the best for bigger students so go through their website and their catalogues, even talk to them about their previous achievements. A CBSE school with a good previous record will influence the child in a positive direction.

    The Term Fee

    Considering all the above factors a parent must have a look at the breakup of the fee structure provided by the school. While considering the location, faculty members, the experience a school possesses over the years must have a value that doesn’t burn down the pockets of the parents. A definite amount that is in the favor of both the parents and the management is an important thing to consider.

    So parents it’s high time now that parents must consider all the above factors while choosing the best school available in Ahmedabad for their child. We hope we have helped you out in some way in easing out the school hunting process.

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