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    How I found the ideal school for my child and me!

    My child went to a local playschool that offered good infrastructure, and the average quality of teachers. At the age of 2, my priority was to have a school in the close vicinity. But once he had completed his playgroup, I was sure that I didn’t want him to continue in the same school. In his formative years, I wanted him to go to a school that expands his horizon rather than restricts it.

    Hence began my quest to find an IDEAL SCHOOL FOR MY CHILD.

    While I had a long list of things that I wanted the ‘ideal school’ to have, I was more than clear in my mind about the list of things I did not want in my child’s school. One thing was for sure, I didn’t want a school that follows a conventional teaching pattern that has been prevalent in our education system for ages.

    I wanted a school that opens the windows of his imagination, a place where he would look forward to going to, a place where the teacher is his guide and his confidante, all this while ensuring that my child is well-disciplined and making him capable of leading a good life.
    I strongly believe that a child should never be put down for being wrong, rather he or she should be encouraged for being different and appreciated for being honest. I wanted my child’s school to believe in this thought.

    It was while browsing on the internet for ‘famous and renowned schools of Ahmedabad’ that I came across GGIS. It was comparatively a new school and initially, I totally ruled out GGIS as an option thinking yeh toh kabhi bhi band ho sakta hai since it was a new school. But, in the weeks to follow, I received some really positive feedback about the school forcing me to think, there is no harm in visiting the school once.
    My husband and I visited the school and we loved the location, infrastructure, vibes, and positivity, but what impressed us the most was the school tour by students. The students were amazing, they must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade, but the confidence and their belongingness to the school were commendable. They were extremely well-behaved, spoke so confidently as they gave us a tour of their school. Their conviction and love towards their school left us spellbound.

    I had found an IDEAL SCHOOL for my child.

    Like they say, test the water before making an opinion. And I am glad I did check this school and didn’t go with my very first thought of ignoring a ‘new’ school.

    In hindsight, it feels like this was destined to happen. During a parent engagement program, I came across an opportunity to work with GGIS. It’s been 18 months now that I am working with GGIS. I am a parent and a school staff and have seen school from both sides. The efforts, diligence and hard work that goes behind the quality education GGIS provides are truly commendable. Yes, schools have their own limitations and shortcomings, but I have seen the backdoor struggles and how everyone at every point in time strives to ensure that students’ learning does not get hampered. The efforts that the whole team puts in for the minutest thing, be it academics, sports, personality development or leadership quality, everything is laudable.

    I am glad that my son and I got an opportunity to be a part of a school that has helped us grow. I am also glad that through the school, I am able to contribute towards a better tomorrow, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

    By Hiral Shah

    Communication Head @ GGIS

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