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    Earlier when we moved to Ahmedabad from Mumbai, all the hustle-bustle of a new city, living nuclear, having so many chores to do all alone, I was all busy taking care of my 4 yr old son and being a full-time mum and a homemaker. However I used to take Phonics classes from home, and by the way, I am a Clinical Nutritionist by profession, so I also decided to work at clinics and hospitals, But the tedious working hours were making it difficult for me, as I had a little one back home. I was overwhelmed with trying to do so much at a time.

    I took my son’s admission at GGIS, I was so mesmerized by the entire way of teaching here. Right from the teachers to the students to the beautiful campus far away from the city all were fun-loving and super energetic!!! I always wondered how the teachers put so much effort and tackle so many kids in the classroom, hats off to them.

    One day, I was just sitting and thought Can I be a teacher too??, laughed out loud and told my husband about it. He said You are a great teacher!! I see you teaching our son so well…You should try your hands on it”, I said, really??? I was just kidding, I cannot handle a bunch of 20 kids at a time. I was always a teacher to my son and then I thought of giving myself a chance to do teaching!!

    He was the one who pushed me to reach my limits and enter into the education field. I decided to talk it out to Minal ma’am about my thoughts and she said a Yes….You are welcomed to GGIS. From the day I joined GGIS, the teacher in me has helped me learn so many new things!! Be it classroom management to work planning to being creative in handling a class of 20 kids!!! At school each day is different, being a mother, a doctor, a nurse, and a secret keeper to the kids in my class, I have so many roles to play as a teacher, and this is only because I got a chance to self explore my capabilities. Had I not given a try I would be missing so much each day.

    GGIS has given me a chance to reach a step closer to my goal!!

    Looking forward to learning so much more with each passing day.

    By Pooja Shah

    Educator @ GGIS

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