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    At the beginning of the year, we commenced the “The Leader In Me (TLIM)” program using the 7 habits by Stephen Covey.
    Our journey of 7 habits has been full of excitement, self-discoveries, learning and creating better versions of ourselves. While conceptualizing our annual fest we concluded it was about time our Parent community witnessed the 7 habits in practice through a carnival of games and dances and this led to conception of  CLOUD 7  
    Together we took this unforgettable journey of
    At the carnival, we had
    7 different clouds
    Each cloud was dedicated to a habit and had amazing games. There were games that explained the importance of each habit and only if parents have practiced those habits they got to play the other FUN games.
    Karma Cafe
    Habits don’t just teach you to be better, they also teach you to be better with and for each other. And for this, we had our Karma Cafe – a Pay-it-forward-cafe where there were no charges for the food as someone else before had already paid for it and parents pay as much as they liked so that someone else could enjoy the delicious food our parents and children prepared.  One just needed to earn good karma and have all the stamps to partake in the cafe.
    Proactive Museum
    This was all about our Proactive parents who spent ample time with their children to create various products. Each product was a testimony to the constructive time spent with children and applauds all the parents for practicing the first habit so well.
    GGIS thanks our teachers and students for conceptualizing and executing this carnival of fun, games and performances.

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