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    GGIS Kahani मेलाNGE

    KAHANI मेलाNGE is our rendezvous with some beautiful stories our children have read over this year.
    While we have lived through these stories all year, we thought it’s time for our children to create their own story, and that gave birth to Kahani मेलाNGE.
    KAHANI मेलाNGE is just the tip of the iceberg. The process for this was initiated right at the beginning of the year when we gave a huge impetus to reading through books reviews, discussions and book strips.  
    For KAHANI मेलाNGE our students went through rigorous processes like Spell Bee, Readers Theater, What’s the good word, and Literature Appreciation. They analysed the elements of literature, discussed various character traits, dissected the scripts, conducted author studies and did much more.
    For this year end event we had a  Gallery walk which displayed plethora of work done by our children while going through the process of literature appreciation. The Gallery walk also showcased our children`s products and prototypes form GGIS Maker`s Lab, Robotics Lab and Art session.
    At the event our Director Minal Desai took us through GGIS journey for year 16-17 through her Yearly Yatra  presentation.
    We conceptualised two plays:

    Bala and Bookasura

    The Convivial Gathering.

    Bookasura is a fantastic story written by Arundhati Venkatesh that our Grade 1 students enjoyed to the core. The story is about a monster who eats up books and scares the young little Bala.
    But at KAHANI मेलाNGE, our Bala meets Bookasura on a beanstalk, just like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk did. Not just that, our Bala uses all the tricks and techniques he has learnt in school to deal with the monstrosity named Bookasura. And that included dances and performances and Readers Theater and much more.
    The Convivial Gathering is a fun mash up of stories like Heidi byJohanna Spyri, Fantastic Mr Fox
    by Roald Dahl, Charlotte’s Web by E B White, The Haunted House-Geronimo Stilton
    We experience a laughter riot in the haunted Castle of Samuel StingySnout, when Geronimo, Sessemen, Klara, Fern, Heidi, Mr. Fox, Wilbur, Fern’s father, Chintzina and Thea, characters from all these stories meet at one place.
    A BIG Thanks to Footlights Theater Workshop, for helping our children create the play. 


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