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    First Memory Of GGIS

    As I walked through the corridors, I felt scared at the start, when there was nothing to worry about. A gust of wind hit my face and I was ransacked with all my feelings. It was my first day at GGIS, I was excited yet a little nervous, would I be safe, would I do something stupid? I started wailing when I entered the classroom, which was as pretty as a picture.

    As a 5-year-old I was overwhelmed with my feelings, being away from my mother. We had recently shifted to Ahmedabad back then. As soon as I started crying the teachers calmed me down and made me play a little yet enthusiastic game which cheered me up. Suddenly the classroom turned bright, like a shining sun. There was a painting on the door of a truly splendid mountain. It brought me joy to look at my classmates’ work. I soon adjusted to the class as we watched a credible puppet show and heard astounding stories and even played with our friends out in the garden. Later on, we drew with vivid and intense colors which were representing emotions, hidden deep inside.

    The teachers were convivial and very supportive of all students and I loved my first memory of GGIS. It was humorous yet comforting how I changed from a petrified little boy to a jovial, settled boy. I always thought that moving to a new city would mean having to find new friends at school, which was often difficult, and that’s another time GGIS changed my mind. I felt cozy and I made new friends in a snap, and each year I met someone else new, thinking about the time I started school, I helped them to make them snug as a bug in a rug. Knowing everyone is a work-in-progress, every individual at GGIS has never felt left out.

    Over the years, GGIS has progressed majorly, physically and emotionally, growing a stronger bond as each moment in time occurs. It has evolved and the students have too, as we kept learning through flabbergasting activities and outstanding videos. This experience will be remembered for my entire life.

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