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  • Culminations

    Amidst all the happenings around the GGIS campus, one beloved tradition is that of ‘Culminations.

    These events are purely student-hosted celebrations that fulfill the purpose of bridging the gap between the school and the parents, to ensure that GGIS remains the tight-knit community that it started as.

    Happening at various times throughout the academic year, there are three main events that solidify GGIS’ parent connect: Yearly Yatras, Making Learning Visible and Funderstandings.

    Yearly Yatra

    Throughout the year, students indulge in a myriad of activities. They not only grow as learners, but they also evolve as friends, as leaders, as mentors- as human beings! At the end of the academic year, there are so many milestones to look back on. How then, can we capture the students’ entire progress through […]


    Every year, the GGIS campus brims with activities and fun, as students come together for the annual ‘Funderstanding”- an event where learners split themselves up into teams, and collaborate to come up with various activities and presentations. This sort of set-up allows students to both- refine and showcase their strengths and skills, while simultaneously ensuring […]


    Towards the end of the first quarter, GGIS celebrates something known as “Making Learning Visible”- or “MLV”s. Whether it is Pop-Up Bazaars, carnival games or skits, students use this opportunity to make their…