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  • Culminations

    Amidst all the happenings around the GGIS campus, one beloved tradition is that of ‘Culminations.

    These events are purely student-hosted celebrations that fulfill the purpose of bridging the gap between the school and the parents, to ensure that GGIS remains the tight-knit community that it started as.

    Happening at various times throughout the academic year, there are three main events that solidify GGIS’ parent connect: Yearly Yatras, Making Learning Visible and Funderstandings.

    Yearly Yatra

    Throughout the year, students indulge in a myriad of activities. They not only grow as learners, but they also evolve as friends, as leaders…


    Every year, the GGIS campus brims with activities and fun, as students come together for the annual ‘Funderstanding”- an event where learners split…


    Towards the end of the first quarter, GGIS celebrates something known as “Making Learning Visible”- or “MLV”s. Whether it is Pop-Up Bazaars, carnival games…