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    Character Building Journey Begins at Home

    When I was in school, I would always wonder why my parents were always strict and emphasize on words like truth, honesty, integrity, etc. Soon I completed my Post Graduation. I was set to enter the professional world and went for my first job interview with an MNC bank. After 2 rounds of interview, the last question asked was “Who‌ do you admire and which is one thing that you would want to inherit from that person”. Though I had many people in mind but could honestly answer “My father and his relevance on truth”. I landed the job.

    During the growing up years, we always had those daily “GYAN” sessions where our father discussed about life, instances from his personal and professional journey etc. But one thing that made an impact on my personality was my admission to a boarding school in Chennai, not by choice but due to my father’s transferable job. Though I felt that I was left out, nobody loves etc. etc. like a normal teenager. My admission in a boarding school started my journey towards learning, understanding and adapting one of the important life skills “Survival of the fittest”. Though my parents ensured that they are with me emotionally but I understood either “I fight or I give up”. I survived happily and proud to have done so. Silently, I also learned the parenting skill of communication and the importance of conversation.

    Coming straight to present, being a working mum of an independent 2.5 years old. There was a lot going on in my mind when I had my baby. I didn’t want to drop working because GGIS has my heart (I always call it my first baby). Also, I didn’t want my baby to be deprived of mum not being around. It’s a common feeling in most of the working mums. Again I was at the same stage either I fight or I give up but the skills that my father empowered me with at an early age gave me courage and perspective to take this as an opportunity rather than a problem. 

    This is how I’m writing this blog today sitting in my cabin feeling accomplished and content. One thing that I understood in this journey is “Character building begins at home”. How much ever we may want them to learn from school, peers, sports etc. what matters above all this is what we are inculcating at home through our actions, words, conversations etc. 

    By Aanshika Pabana

    Admin Head cum Wonder Woman

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