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    Change is Beautiful

    I remember when I first joined GGIS in 2nd grade. There were hardly 100 students in total, and the highest grade was Grade 5. Now I am in 7th grade, and I can look back and see that the school has transformed a considerable amount since my first year. The current number of students is around 700, and the campus has changed as well, but what stands out to me most is how the atmosphere of the school is different. 

    One thing that always stood out to me at GGIS is that everyone adapts so easily, and change is embraced instead of avoided. Everyone adjusted to online school so quickly, and when physical school started, we adjusted again. The main transformation that I have noticed is that the teachers and students at GGIS are extremely welcoming. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like, or if you enjoy doing the same things – at GGIS everyone is so friendly that in a few days it feels like you are amongst family. 

    Another thing that has changed are the non-academic sessions. Now we have Games, which allows us time to play with friends ; TLIM, which enables us to be better versions of ourselves ; Chess, where we get to enhance our mental abilities and a plethora of other activities which we didn’t have previously. What I love about this is that we can explore all of our interests, find new hobbies, and gain new skills in the process, which will help us in the future. 

    Lastly, after a year and a half of online school, everyone has realised the value of being able to come to school to learn, explore, and have fun. The pandemic has taught us all something – we should not take things for granted, and you don’t truly know the value of something until you don’t have it anymore. I’ve seen that the students and teachers have come back with new vitality that was not apparent before, demonstrating that sometimes challenging things happen for a purpose. 

    All in all, I’ve realised that GGIS has changed so much for the better over the span of a few years, and I think that is beautiful. 


    Aara Jani 

    Grade 7

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