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    Behind the scenes – OKRs and o3 meets

    In any workplace- it is exceedingly important- on both, personal and professional levels- that every individual is seen and heard. In order to fulfill this, and allow the GGIS team to work as one unit- teachers have adopted a process known as ‘o3 meets’. Shivani Mehta, Academic Leader, defines these o3 meets as “that one specific sacred time that I have with a teacher, just to hear the teacher out!”

    This time becomes a dedicated slot for the teacher to just talk, and be heard. The teacher sets up an agenda for the meeting, decides what they want to talk about, and is fully in control of this meeting. In today’s fast paced world, it becomes a default to make assumptions about those around us, and their circumstances. How often do we have the time to put away our notebooks, shut off the laptops, and just listen? With this tradition, GGIS ties its team together as one, and makes sure that not a single person feels unheard or unseen.

    A common occurrence during o3 meets, would be the discussion of ‘OKRs; an OKR- standing for ‘Objectives and Key results)- then becomes a way for teachers to set measurable, and time-bound goals for themselves. Similar to ‘targets’ in corporations- this becomes a way for the teaching staff to plan efficiently, and work towards a certain goal.

    For instance- a math teacher might have an OKR that specifically states that he would like his class to achieve a minimum overall average of 60% in the upcoming test. This allows the teacher to structure lesson plans and activities in a way that makes it easier to achieve the goal.

    These objectives go far beyond just tangible marks that can be showcased to a third party, and often – teachers decide to aim towards goals such as more frequent parent engagement, or ensuring that every student in class is heard.

    Just like a stage production- what you see in front of you is only a fraction of what goes into making things possible, and so much of the work is done behind the red curtains. With the help of meetings such as these, it becomes easier to align goals into more organized and measurable aims.

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