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    Behind the scenes – learning as a teacher

    Learning is a never ending process. Whether you are a teacher, a twelfth grader, a student in nursery – or even an eighty year old with all the wisdom in the world…there is always more to be learnt. This becomes especially true in the world of education, as a teacher, and in GGIS- the learning never stops! But then how do teachers make constant learning a part of their curriculum?

    One way that GGIS practices never ending learning is by making Saturday’s a dedicated time period solely for teachers to learn more. Teachers too sometimes need help in certain aspects- such as classroom management. Saturdays would then be used as a way to provide the teacher with any help possible. This can materialize in the form of one-on-one mentoring sessions, courses, and even full fledged sessions for what might be a widespread concern! Every teacher is an expert in one or another field- and what better way to learn if not from your close friends around you.

    Pooja Nair, the Key Stage 1 leader, states that “every Saturday, we have something planned, which adds meaning and values to their practice”. These plans can consist of team building activities, expert sessions and so many more things along the same lines. One Saturday, an expert came in and even led the teachers on a nature walk to learn more about the environment around campus!

    This practice doesn’t end at just picking up knowledge however. Another integral part of the learning process is the art of introspection and reflection. In order to inculcate reflection into daily practice, every teacher maintains a portfolio throughout the year, and it ends up becoming a journal of sorts where they capture any notes, reflections or moments that they believe were fundamental for their journey. At the end of the year then, they can use it as a reference to gain insight into how their learning has grown!

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