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    Behind the scenes – bridges between teachers and parents

    A major part of today’s education and schooling is the pro-active involvement of parents in school-life. Or more particularly, the bridging of the gap between parents and teachers. How can a teacher properly cater to every student without a semblance of an idea of the kind of background that the student has grown up in? Similarly, how is a parent expected to place blind trust into an institution, without any idea of the kind of person that their child is spending eight hours a day with? Stemming from these questions, GGIS puts into practice various customs that help bridge these gaps between these parties.

    An ideal example of this would be our ‘understanding parents’ form- a short questionnaire that the parents fill out as a part of the admission process- that revolves around non-academic aspects of the students’ home life. Upon admittance, these forms are sent to the concerned homeroom teachers in order to ensure that the teachers already have an understanding of what the child is like and what kind of background the child comes from, even before they meet the student!

    Hiral Shah, the communications head at GGIS, believes that something like this becomes especially useful in the case of younger children. Students in lower grades anyway have a difficult time adjusting to newer places and adapting outside of their home. In this situation, it can only be comforting to know that the teacher already has an understanding of each individual student.

    Recently, a new practice was put into place to accommodate this exact issue in regards to new teachers- a way for parents to stay in touch with the new academic staff of Key Stage 1. Teachers were asked to prepare basic profiles of themselves that would be sent to the parents before the commencement of the academic year. These profiles extended past any academic details and qualifications… teachers listed their likes, dislikes, hobbies and more- and effectively built a way for parents to know and learn more about themselves.

    Amidst the fortunate, newfound independence that learners face nowadays, it can be easy to forget the importance of bridging gaps between the school itself, and those that trust the school with their kids- and all this work that goes on behind the scenes allows GGIS to form a sturdy bridge to fill this gap.

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