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    Asgard and Wakanda in a school? Why?

    GGIS is a new age school. A school that keeps the children in the centre of all its endeavours and wants to make sure it is in sync with the times.

    Last year was the first time we had sections for some grades in our school. Till then we were too small to have sections!

    We asked the teachers to find good names and they came up with Emerald and Ruby as they represented Gems. We soaked that in as it seemed appropriate.

    But in our discussion with students, we found they had no particular like/dislike towards it or belongingness. It evoked no emotion. However, their fascination with the Marvel world was evident every time we had an off-curriculum discussion. Every time we tried to connect with them, they would speak in the language that Hollywood had gifted them. Whether this is good or bad is debatable but it was a fact for sure.

    Now, when we started planning for the new year and I asked a few students about what we should name the sections, they had suggestions on the lines of Superheroes like Iron Man and Thor. This got us thinking and we being ones that don’t mind charting the uncharted path decided to name our sections on the Nine Realms of the Marvel world.

    And we didn’t just stop at that. We have a conference room that calls itself “Avengers Assemble” our STEM Lab is named “Stark Towers” while we also have Banner’s Lab, Agents of the Shield, Thor and Hulk and our Staff Room is Guardians of the Galaxy. After all, our teachers are the guardians and our students are nothing less than stars of our galaxy.

    Now I know this is a far cry from A, B and C as section names that we had when we were growing up but this is also a departure from the flower and tree names that usually take up the class names nowadays. It may seem a little radical to some people but in our experience, Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang Clan album sold by US government anavar purchase online anabolic steroids sa: back training stagnant (1/1) it has struck such a deep chord with our students that they love the idea of being in the classroom.

    Moreover, they genuinely identify with the idea of superheroes and superpowers and we hope to hone their skills into superpowers. If by adopting a certain nomenclature, it brings us closer to our learners and makes them more comfortable, we are all for it.

    After all, India is a nation of adaptation. Even the Gods here reincarnate every now and then to adjust to the changing times and give the same sermons in different contexts.

    So let the Asgardians and Wakandians and Atlantisians rise and spread their superpowers through the world!

    PS: If you are a Marvel fan here is a question for you. One of the places in our school is called Kamar Taj. Which place could it be?

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