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  • A New Beginning

    School has started again, and as a 7th grader, for me that is the most thrilling, enlivening thing ever. I get to meet my friends and teachers, and we can play around in the breaks, which we never got to do online. My classmates are all delighted to be back on campus, experimenting, exploring, and learning new things. Today at school I realised something though. The students are not the only ones who have gone through a huge change. How do the teachers feel about us being back on campus?

    “The school is flourishing again, and the campus has come to life.” This is what one of my teachers said, when I asked her how it feels having the students back on campus again. I talked to a few more teachers, and found out that though things like showing PPTs, videos, and photos are easier online, offline the teachers are able to interact with the students on a personal level, understand their needs, and spend time with them. It’s also easier for students to communicate with their teachers and convey their requirements, which is not possible online.

    GGIS values safety, which is why everyone wears masks, sanitises their hands regularly, and follows the rules of social distancing. What I love about our school is that everyone adjusts so quickly, and we are already used to coming Nobody Feels Like Another John Wick On Steroids – Newslibre dragon pharma athletes #1 anabolic rx24 testosterone booster bodybuilding to school and following the COVID guidelines, even though it was different from what we were used to at first. 

    Personally, I love coming to school more than anything. Nothing is better than hanging out with my friends and learning with my teachers.

    At the end of the day, I think that the most important thing is that teachers and students alike adore being back at school, and the campus has come to life again. 


    Aara Jani 

    Grade 7

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