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  • Myths about International Boards

    As a school leader, very often I come across parents who have certain myths about international boards. I try my best to bust those myths to the best of my understanding. But it is not enough. So, here I have compiled a list of the most common myths people hold about international boards, especially in Ahmedabad.

    Coming a full circle!

    When I began this school, I started with a vision of finding passionate people with original thoughts. People who want to be teachers. I did not want to micro-manage them. I wanted them to feel that they had the freedom to work the way they wanted. I wanted it that way because I believe they […]

    "I don't like your education."

    “I don’t like your education.” said the mother of Deepti (name changed) of Grade 3. That was the main concern amongst many others including financial conditions, mentioned by her when she handed me the application for Leaving Certificate of Deepti. I probed deeper. I had to. I was troubled with the reason given by the mother […]