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    Why do we need to cultivate more meaningful relationships?

    Arrey, we school buddies… I can call her in the middle of the night and I know she will be there
    We know each other since school time yaar, she has to come to the wedding

    Hello and welcome to Musings Of A MasterNi

    Out of the many books, I am reading presently, one is Ikigai, the Japanese concept of finding your purpose in life that keeps you moving. I am halfway through the book but here is one aspect that keeps recurring.
    That of deep and authentic relationships in your life. It is linked to many not just longer life but also to disease-free and stress-free life.
    And that made me wonder when are these friendships forged? Are such relationships possible throughout the life of only in childhood? I can make a case for both.
    While relationships with family are given what about friends? Can you find deep bonds in your thirties and forties? Have you?
    And if most of those relationships are in childhood, I wonder how much time does the checklisted childhood of modern times provide for it?
    In the ever condensing recess times to shuttling between activities to loads of homework, when do our children find the freedom to fight and pacify and experience the lows and highs of a relationship?
    Ikigai is all about having a purpose in life and working towards it relentlessly and patiently surrounded by friends and family.
    While what purpose our children choose is not something we can or should decide but what access they have to friends and cousins can be something we can influence.
    So which relationships have helped you cope through life and how were they forged?

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