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    When Children Get Really Busy With Something…

    Oh what is she doing, has been reading all day! The book is literally stuck at her face.

    Pura din computer ke saamne baith ke pata nahin kya karta hai! Kabhi to screen ke bahar nikal ke dekh le duniya ko!!

    Hello and welcome to Musings of a MasterNi.

    The past few days we had an unexpected school closure. And my son was up to his favourite task- clean up his room! He found almost 100 books that he had read and was not using them anymore. Suddenly he had an idea that he would want to set up a website to sell them at a discounted price. I was a little sceptical for I know how much effort a website takes… but honestly, he was very keen. So decided to play along. I said let me know if you need help. Over the next few days, he not only set up his website with a little help from his father and sister but also managed to populate it with all the books. This meant literally working till late in the night and waking up to see if anyone has emailed him for orders and worrying about why no one is ordering. But honestly, he has been so engrossed in it that I am surprised. He sure does not have persistence as his best quality but this was a welcome change… and that got me thinking..

    Do you find your children engrossed in something so much that they lose track of time and space? I am sure it has happened with a few tv shows and PSs but in any other activity as well?

    Cooking, dancing, playing, reading, sports? Something? Anything? I am sure at some point of time in life something has caught their attention so much that they would want to continue doing it endlessly.

    But how do we as adults react to it?

    If it is an activity we approve of,

    Then we like it… brag about it, encourage it and let it continue

    If not, then we discourage it, ban it, sometimes even shame the child for it and don’t miss a chance to tell the child how he is wasting his time

    But every child finds something worth paying attention to so much that he zones out of the physical reality…

    What can we do as teachers?

    Honestly, as schools, our time tables are too defined to allow such important rambling of the mind but in case you find a student doing so, try your best to give them time. If nothing at least appreciate her and ask her to pursue it on her own. Isn’t that the least we can do?

    So have you worked on something such that you have or lost track of time or have a child who has?

    Masterni ka mat when your child is too busy to be bothered with distraction

    Let them be. In this world of hyper attention-seeking activities if there is something that is making her stick to one thing, let it continue.

    Remember, their areas of zoning out may be different than what you would have wanted. But that’s okay

    What type are engrossed with today may not be their career tomorrow? Don’t get too ambitious but whatever they may choose, they will know how to do it diligently.

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