Summer vacations

Summer vacation is finally here! It’s time to pack those bags and flip-flops, head out for a much-awaited break! We had 4 of our GGIS kids to talk about their plans and how they can make their vacation more productive. We asked them a bunch of questions. Check the entire video for a fun interview with our kiddies!

Following were the questions we asked our kiddies!

  1. What is it that you look forward to in your summer vacation this year?
  2. How is it different from the one you took last year or years before that?
  3. Are the plans made by you or your parents? If you were the sole person deciding on summer plans, what would they look like?
  4. Besides the travel days, what do you do?
  5. What do you feel about this system of closing the year in March and reopening the new grade for a few weeks?
  6. How helpful are the summer camps/classes?
  7. What do you feel about the vacation homework that students get?
  8. Should there be straight 1.5 to 2-month vacation like this or should it be spread around the year in 2 weeks after every 2 months?

We also went on to do a little Rapid Fire Round with them. 

  1. Rate the following in a sequence of preference – Watching movies, playing video games, reading books, playing outdoors, playing board games
  2. One place you look forward to visiting this vacation
  3. One person, you look forward to meeting in this vacation
  4. One movie, you look forward to seeing
  5. If you could take a vacation with friends or family, which one would you choose?
  6. One activity you would like to do?
  7. One thing you didn’t like doing the last vacation?
  8. Are you planning to help mom/dad with their work?
  9. Any skill/sport you’d like to learn this vacation?
  10. Have you made any plans with your school friends?

Student Credits: Aara, Naman, Celia, Krish


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