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    Round Table with Payal Shah and Pooja Nair – Separation anxiety for new parents

    The new academic year is about to start and like every year, thousands of students will join the school for the first time.  But what is it to be a happens when your toddler, you bundle of love enters school for the first time? Does he cry, when separated from the family? Does it have to be that way?
    To answer these  and many more such questions, we had two industry experts to come and speak to us on separation anxiety 
    Payal Shah of Wallaroos Tot Atelier- The most prestigious preschool in Ahmedabad and campus to die for and
    Pooja Nair of Genius Gems- The fastest growing learning center in the city, thanks to her warmth and love.
    We addressed a few important questions in this round table meet.
    A Nursery/Prep classroom in the beginning of the year is usually seen as one with crying and wailing children. Does it have to be that way?
    What plans do you make as teachers to minimize the transition anxiety?
    How do you suggest we as moms/families deal with our little urchin starting school? What can parents do at home to make the transition smoother? (books, videos, stories you can suggest)
    When the child cries while the mother leaves, she has guilt with her all day as she holds the image of the crying child through her day. How long/often does the child cry after the mother has left?
    What happens when parents take a break? A vacation or an illness that entails more than 3 days of break.
    Earlier schools started at the age of 6 then, it came to 5 then, 3 and now it is close to 1.5 or 2 years. Why has this change taken place and how does it impact the child and family?
    A particular child/parent’s instance that you would want to share with us that might help the audience understand us better.
    Watch the video to get the industry insights and detailed discussion.

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