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    PSat Decoded – Aug’19

    Dear Parents,

    Last week we conducted the Parent Satisfaction survey or the PSat and we received an overwhelming response. Overwhelming because of the number of people who chose to respond as well as the ratings given to us as well as the comments.

    Further, I explain the reason for conducting the PSat and share many comments given by parents but if you are not keen on reading further here is the snapshot

    GGIS is doing well. Our final averaged out PSat score for this quarter is 25.60 / 30.
    Our students are extremely happy at school and we score an average of 4.6 / 5 on the Happiness Index
    Except for transport, all our other departments have an average score of 4.6 / 5.
    Our transport department needs work.

    Now, read further if you want to understand us better.

    Before we understand the results let me first share with you our reasons for conducting the PSat in the first place.

    GGIS is growing and is a good school but we refuse to remain one. We want to be GREAT. But the journey from Good to Great is arduous. And for those of you who have read Jim Collins’ Good to Great would know it better. A great organization needs alignment and focus. For the same, we have adopted the framework of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as our planning tool. The OKR framework allows for innovation at scale and is widely used by great companies like Google, LinkedIn, Intel, Gates Foundation and many others but more about that in another post.

    However, the OKR framework requires us to measure our important metrics that align with our Objectives. Now that is where the catch is. Unfortunately, schools or school management practices, especially in India do not have many objective metrics. The only metric that most parents and schools go by is the Board Results but all of us know how inadequate they are in measuring quality. And hence one of the first metrics we created is the PSat that we intend to use every quarter.

    Why PSat?
    Because GGIS does not see itself as just a school that imparts only academics. Rather it does not see itself as a school only. It is an organization that is striving to provide a great experience to all the stakeholders.

    But why not just a school?
    Because the world around us is changing and we schools need to reinvent ourselves. Academics are supported by multiple entities including the online portals like Khan Academy, Byju’s, Youtube, etc. But there are no regular classes for collaboration or friendship or creative problem solving or leadership. We, at GGIS, keep this in mind ALWAYS. The parents out of ignorance may only look at the marks but we as educationists need to look at the unseen. And that unseen takes time to yield results but it sure does. Also, we believe once the parent has trusted us with educating the child it is our job to look at the big picture.

    Results of PSat
    While the charts are self-explanatory, I would just want to highlight a few points.
    We have received 361 responses from our 475 odd parents making this a pretty exhaustive feedback.
    The happiness index is the most important for us. As it talks of the child’s experienced environment as opposed to parents’ concerns which may be influenced by external factors. And we have scored 4.6/5 on it. And we couldn’t be happier!
    It is perceived that academics are the opposite of happiness but not so at GGIS. For our academic team is also rated 4.4/5 and a loud cheer to our teachers for the relentless efforts they put in.
    The transport department is something that scores the least but still has a decent score of 3.8/5. A lot needs to be done on that front but physical limitations of our location vis-a-vis parent’s expectations of closest possible pick-up and drop location make it an uphill task.
    And lastly, let me share with you a few comments that we received. Good, bad, quirky and contradictory comments that come across our way!

    Please try to include each n every child’s picture in social media coverage n updates.it motivates child to do better.
    It’s a drastic change in my child I am very happy with the school thanku ggis

    We doesn’t have any regrets so there is nothing that we could about school management is up to the high grade level thank you..
    Require to work on maths tabals and English grammar
    Timing issue of reaching home.
    Study ratio is getting down .
    Please provide food from your side.
    More Encouragement for sports and professional sports ground can help students to get better exposure at early age which they generally get at Teenage.
    Sending text books during weekends would help parents in teaching the kids. Otherwise in overall it is satisfactory.
    I am 100% percent satisfied with efforts of each and every member Of GGIS .
    You should add some compulsory vocational courses.
    Great going. Timings of the school plz change..very long transportation distance disturb our whole day..kids r nt getting time for any other activity..specially elder kids.
    I think it get’s to hectic for the younger children (UKg) to wake up very early so I think you should change the timings for the younger children.
    Very happy with what (name) is doing in school you all are already putting in great efforts if we as parents can be if any help please do let us know
    More emphasis on English speaking in school campus
    Regional Language like Gujarati should be included
    Very happy with the schookand GGIS family. I personally feel that school should focus on bus rules which all parents should follow. Parents make buses wait. They should be on the stops before bus comes. For this, school should be little strict..
    Administrative team is expected to be more empathetic in their approach in dealing with sensitive matters. An unknown rulebook should be kept away to be more humane. Times are changing. GGIS has been successful in finding new ways. So if the entire system is in sync, it would be great!
    Giving freedom to child is appreciated but there has to be some sort of strict discipline too… I would suggest u not to allow open hair of girls at any case…that spoils the quality of their hair. Kindly take a note.
    Why do the water bottles disappear into a black hole? 😊 On a separate note – again – what a stellar feedback form! Congrats.
    Introduce Sanskrit shlokas in assembly
    i think GGIS lack in sport activities pls include more sporting options
    I never expect that my son will ask me why school closed on Saturday & Sunday? It’s clear the efforts of management of school team .
    All is good. Only one suggestion. Kids come home with Fish road made at school at home, does not look good. We are hindus and vegetarians. Killing or catching animals is never been not part of our culture. At the same time I understand, it is creative learning and there are many other topics that does not hurt spiritual or religious feelings. Thank you.
    Sports activity… I think u should focus on sports activity also
    Academics need to be given high priority
    we are looking for some more activities in the school like skating, swimming, and many more for our little kids…Also looking for celebration of every festivals so that they come to know about their values..
    If you could change the material of school pants, then kids would be very happy.
    A note on the side – What a well thought out and verbalized form! I have seen the best of such efforts in corporate America and as an online consumer of various products & services globally, and this is just stellar!
    School is giving more importance to sport activity rather than studies. Students become good learners when they follow instructions, I doubt any children in GGIS follow the instructions of HRT.
    Over management and communication are the areas which I think needs the most attention
    I wish yoga was part of the curriculum,also if one day of the week, one of the mom’s is allowed to send food for all the kids
    Ggis team has always been really supportive to parents. Teachers here nurture children with their love and utmost care.. It is the best school in town!😀
    Team GGIS is doing a commendable job.
    It’s very difficult to find flaws in ur efforts. Keep on leading beyond our expectations.

    Our final averaged out PSat score for this quarter is 25.60 / 30. We have already started working for a better result in the next quarter and here is an email about transport that we received recently from an earlier aggrieved parent.

    Thank you for being our partner in our journey from good to great,


    On behalf of the entire team at GGIS

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