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  • Grade 7 onwards

    There are four common types of testing at GGIS from Grade 7 onwards –
    Benchmark ( or Interim)
    These Assessments techniques go in line with the boards that we offer- CBSE and the CAIE Board.
    We gear towards specific academic goals, subject choices and assessments to provide quality and effective learning for our students. Regular updates are provided to parents as feedback about their child so that we can work hand-in-hand together.

    External Tests

    GGIS offers two standardized tests in year to its students as it make our academic program more robust.
    First is ASSET is a diagnostic test that helps us identify learning strengths and weaknesses of our students in English, Math and Science. It is mandatory for all students of Grade 3 and above.
    Secondly students from UKG onwards can opt in for Logiqids a tool that develops logical reasoning skills in students from a young age.

    Rite of Passage (RoP)

    RoP is a set of studies spread over each grade 3-8 to test the readiness of our students in today’s workplace.
    Our assessments, while very important for advanced study, are sometimes unable to offer us practical situations like the ones would face in the workplace. This can make students book-wise but clueless otherwise! But, at GGIS, we do not teach for tests and our students have to be able to do well in the future workplace. Hence RoP.

    RoP studies are diverse and everything from creating an installation to making newsletters to films is a part of RoP.
    For instance at Grade 3 our students work on Capstone, a self-driven project of their choice, at the end of the year and present it to an external jury. This helps us analyse their skills of research, presentation and other soft skills.

    For Grades 3 to 6

    With the idea of incremental formal assessments in mind, our students take timed tests from Grade 3 onwards. They are month-end checkpoints aimed at getting the students accustomed to testing. The students also appear for year-end Summative checkpoints based on all the content and skills developed by them through the year. Besides this, there are numerous formative assessments that take place in the classroom ensuring that the teaching plans are in sync with the curriculum objectives.

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