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    Celebrations In The Times Of Lockdown

    Celebrations in the times of lockdown
    Yes, while the world reels under the Cape of corona there are still reasons to celebrate

    From birthdays to anniversaries to newborns to the beginning of students online classes to just the idea of being alive…

    But should you celebrate? Isn’t it all too gloomy?
    Hell no, look up some of the things on sgn and the sheer spirit of humankind and you will find plenty to celebrate

    But how do you? Well, I have come across novel ways to do so,

    From the zoom calls with friend and family asking them to share something specific about that person to
    Art and craft created totally at home as the Ayushmann and family did, to dating the neighbourhood girl like the guy who was recently in the news…
    There are so many ways to celebrate in the lockdown without breaking the rules

    And so many reasons to do so…
    While there is plenty that is not as it used to be…the new way of life is not just all gloom and doom

    Watch the video to hear my thoughts on celebrations in the times of lockdown.

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