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    Teachers for pre-primary and primary

    “I taught phonic sounds to my children and a few months later, they attempted to put together a word out of those sounds and that was my name”

    Does the memory of your students’ words bring smiles to you?
    Does teaching excite you?
    Do you want an organisation that gives you freedom and support to continue your journey of providing great education to young India?

    If yes,

    GEMS Genesis International School (GGIS) is for you. GGIS is digitally advanced school that offers IGCSE at Grade 10. GGIS is run by educationists who strongly believe in the fact that a good education is the best gift you can give to a child. Two people who have influenced the GGIS culture highly are Sir Ken Robinson and Gijubhai Badheka.

    Working at GGIS is a highly rewarding job with immense learning opportunities and freedom of expression.


    A teacher’s roles and responsibilities cannot be exhaustively listed. A teacher is a mother, friend, guide, counsellor, play mate, disciplinarian and a partner-in-prank many a times. But listed here are a few things that one invariably does at GGIS.

    • To form a bond with every child so as to make him feel wanted.
    • Develop supportive environment for students, parents and community at large.
    • Design programs, plans and organise learning experiences for students.
    • Develop school-based learning goals for individuals and groups.
    • Instruct, supervise, and facilitate student learning.
    • Assess, evaluate and report student progress in all areas.

    A candidate would be a great fit at GGIS if he has the skill to

    • Marvel at the small things and celebrate childhood.
    • Reach the child before he can teach the child.
    • Identify student’s strengths and build upon them.
    • Lead the student and teacher community.
    • Adapt to change and learn from every experience.
    • Reflect upon one’s own practices and evolve with it.

    We would suggest that you go through Our People to know more about us.
    Candidates at GGIS are selected based on their personal views about education.
    The process includes:

    1. Written Assignments
    2. Interviews and
    3. Demo classes

    Interested candidates Apply here & mail your resumes on hr@theggis.com.

    Musings Of A MasterNi

    Musings of a MasterNi is a vlog of our very own Director-Principal, Minal Desai. Through this channel, she shares her candid and authentic experiences shaped by students, teachers, and life in general. Subscribe to her channel to get a very different perspective on education and teaching.

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